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100 percent cotton sanitary pads

  • 100 percent cotton sanitary pads
  • 100 percent cotton sanitary pads
  • 100 percent cotton sanitary pads
  • 100 percent cotton sanitary pads

100 percent cotton sanitary pads

Descrição do produto

Top quality best feminine hygiene products organic sanitary napkins without perfume

Wholesale sanitary napkin & sanitary towel & panty liners are leveled by its absorbency, softness and comfort normally.

As a professional wholesale sanitary pad suppliers, we believe our customers should deserve more value other than the pad itself.

Feminine extra long sanitary pad is not only a high quality pad, but also providing more heath care for women during periods.

***Benefits of Negative Ion/anion, live healthier

Promote the formulation of biological enzyme

Balance PH value

Promote metabolism

Improve immunity

Inhibit the survival and duplication of virus and bacterium

Product Description

Brand Name:

Available for GloryGirl, OUI OUI, clients' private label


155,180,240,290,320,350,400mm or customised


 Perforated non-woven fabric, U.S Golden Isle pulp, Japan SUMITOMO SAP 

Color of pad



Breathable nano PE film


Zip lock bag, Deluxe aluminum foil bag, paper box, PVC box


10 pads X 48 bags per carton or customized






wing style

Inner packing:

PE or non woven or complex











Pcs /Pack

Packs /CTN

CTNs /40HQ




0.3 g

5.6 g








0.5 g

6.8 g






Over Night


0.7 g

9.5 g





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Many options available for Packaing ( thick sanitary pad )

We have different options of packaging of individual wrapped sanitary pad

(1) Zip Lock Bag
It is a bag with a zip lock. The bag can be re-zipped after take one pad out of the bag. Zip lock bag is a good option if girls want to keep pads away from moisture and be hygienic in all times.

(2) Aluminum Foil Bag
Aluminium bag is a food grade bag. It comes with an easy quick seal sticker. Girls can put the sticker back after take one pad out. Fantastic looking of the package displayed on the shelf may easily cause eye catching. It is a good option to keep pads away from moisture and be hygienic in all times.

(3) Paper box
Paper box is a packaging 100% recycle. Environmental sustainability has become more important in now days. It is a good option for buyers who always focus on protecting our environment. Paper box can be with different shape and structure catering to different requirements. It is also a good option for buyers who want to change designs often as paper box does not require any plate or mould charge.

(4) Normal PE bag
It is a cost-effective plastic bag. It is common globally

(5) Shipping: by sea/train

Waterproof sanitary pad have been widely shipped to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Kazakstan, Thailand,Hungary,USA.Canada,India,Australia,etc.

(6) Logistic information for shipping

Length (mm)

Q'ty (pads/pack)


Cartons loading in one 20ft

Cartons loading in one 40HQ



individually wrapped ultra thin perforated day pads with wings





individually wrapped ultra thin perforated night pads with wings





individually wrapped with printed PE film, non-woven ultra-thin night pads with wings



Our Services

We make high quality OEM popular items & new factory own unique design items & ODM customized items for

Feminine Sanitary Pads, Panty Liners, Tampon, Sweat Pads, Maternity Pads, Baby Diaper & other personal hygiene products.

(1) Free samples of negative ion sanitary napkin.

(2) OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacture) orders are welcomed here!

(3) Every package of soft sanitary napkin and panty liner with negative ion can put together with a Female Vagina Inflammation Self-Test Card

Company Information
Company Briefs

Our company is thoughtful, caring people and the focus of helping people reflects this. In the past years

  • We`ve paid lots of efforts in charity and social welfare.
  • We opened a female care hot line for answering questions about female health.
  • We frequently donate thousands of pads to charity or other organization and rural areas.
  • We support children to go to school.
  • We will keep going our charity to help anyone who needs.

(1) What we do?
We are specialized in manufacturing high level, fashionable, safe and healthy feminine hygiene products for women. Our products include female sanitary napkins,waterproof panty liners, sweat pads and tampons in all size, type and grades. They are carried out with the standards of FDA, GOTS, CE, I S O 9 0 0 1, SGS ,ITS ,MSDS etc.

(2) Our factory
Our factory is garden-like modern plant which covers around 60,000 square meters, equipped by auto high speed and advanced production lines, all the devices equipped in high level ensure every pad we produce completely safe, hygienic and high quality. Quality control runs strictly throughout all the links from raw material to finished products.

Our factory of the wholesale sanitary pad and panty liner

Our Certifications


(1) Do you accept small order?
Yes,we do. We are having ready stock available now.

(2) Visit of factory?
Yes, warmly welcome to visit of our factory anytime.

(3) Free sample

Yes, Free samples is available.

(4) Other hot product

Now. our the most popular product have the Far-infrared sanitary pad, herbal medicine sanitary napkin, Fruit series santary towel and so on. if you want to know more popular product, please leave us a message.

Glory Power Hygiene Products Ltd.


(1) Experiência de Fabricação

A Glory Power Hygiene Products Ltd. é especializada na fabricação de produtos de higiene feminina de alto nível, elegantes, seguros e saudáveis ​​para mulheres há 29 anos. Todos os produtos são realizados com as normas da FDA, GOTS, CE, ISO 9 0 0 1, SGS, ITS, FSC, MSDS etc.

Nossa fábrica é moderna como jardim, que abrange 60.000 metros quadrados, equipado com linhas de produção de alta velocidade tecnologicamente avançados auto, todos os dispositivos equipados em alto nível garantir que cada bloco que produz completamente seguro, higiênico e de alta qualidade. O controle de qualidade é executado estritamente em todos os links, desde a matéria-prima até os produtos acabados.

Cooperado / cooperando com Woolworth , Coles , Mannings , Waston , Walmart , Carrefour , Shoprite , Tesco etc.

(2) Coleção Pad

Temos extensos itens de pads e dezenas de capas para escolher, ou nosso engenheiro especialista pode personalizar qualquer fórmula ou formato de pads para você. Independentemente da quantidade do seu pedido ser grande ou pequena, a Glory Power é a empresa pronta para fornecer.

sanitary pad collection

(3) capacidade

sanitary napkin capacity

(4) I inovação ativa

Da almofada fofa grossa comum à almofada respirável ultra fina, do tecido melhorado contínuo e da aparência da almofada aos extratos ervais, ânion, carvão de bambu amplamente utilizado na almofada sanitária, da almofada ordinária à almofada orgânica, do não estéril à categoria médica 100% estéril , Glory Power sempre explora novas oportunidades e caminha na vanguarda da reforma.

Do início ao fim; da conceituação ao produto acabado inovador; qualquer que seja a sua visão para o seu negócio, a Glory Power pode e tornará realidade.

Informação de Companhia

  • Nome da empresa: Glory Power Hygiene Products Ltd.
  • Produto / Serviço: Guardanapos Sanitários , Forros de calcinha , Tampões Femininos , Suar Almofadas , Almofadas de Maternidade , Toalhetes húmidos
  • Porcentagem de exportação: 81% - 90%
  • N º de Linhas de Produção: 10
  • Número de Funcionários de I&D: Fewer than 5 People
  • Número de Funcionários QC: 11 -20 People
  • Serviços OEM Desde: yes
  • Tamanho da Fábrica (metros Quadrados): 5,000-10,000 square meters
  • Pessoa De Contato: Mr. Eric Chen
  • Número De Telefone: 86-0755-83466248
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